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L’échappée, à la poursuite d’Annie Le Brun

Visuel Avant Première L'échappée

Le film L’échappée, à la poursuite d’Annie Le Brun de Valérie Minetto, le 29 avril 2015, à Paris, au cinéma le Saint-André-des arts,
film pour lequel la musique originale a été composé par Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis.

Les projections auront lieu tous les jours sauf le mardi, toujours à 13 heures, du 29 avril au 11 mai.
Il y aura également deux autres projections, les mardi 16 et 21 mai, à 13 heures également.

Une avant-première en soirée aura lieu le 21 avril 2015 à 20h30, au cinéma Saint-André-des-arts.

L'Echappée _ Première


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Your personality determines your weight, according to new Swiss study


AD_164023006.jpg Yes, your personality could be making you fat. Bad times. (Picture: Alamy)

Forget what you have in your lunch box or your exercise habits, it seems that your food choices and weight may be effected by something far deeper – your personality.

Research by Switzerland’s Federal Institute of Technology published in the journal Appetite, claims that your personality type dictates your eating patterns.

The team studied the answers of 1,000 people to three questionnaires on eating habits, food choices, and personality, and found that personality type directly and indirectly influences food choices and therefore weight.

And it’s bad news for extroverts and neurotic types, as it turns out your personalities may be making you fat.

A woman eating a doughnut Extrovert and neurotic types tend to eat the most sugar and sweets (Picture: Getty)

So, how does this work?

Well, there are five basic personality types: extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, openness and conscientiousness.

The study found that…

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#squaready #family #fam #mom #dad #TagsForLikes #brother #sister #brothers #sisters #bro #sis #siblings #love #instagood #father #mother #related #fun #photooftheday #children #kids #life #happy #familytime #cute #smile #fun [Flickr] [Flickr]

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#squaready #family #fam #mom #dad #TagsForLikes #brother #sister #brothers #sisters #bro #sis #siblings #love #instagood #father #mother #related #fun #photooftheday #children #kids #life #happy #familytime #cute #smile #fun [Flickr]



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BAC Mono: A single-seat race car built for the road—and for sports car purists


The most devout performance purists (you know who you are) are never satisfied. They moan about cars being too heavy. They whine about transmissions being too slow. They complain that modern sports cars are tainted by compromises every automaker invariably succumbs to—from electric power steering setups that sap feedback or turbochargers that rob engines of character, this rabid cult leaves no inch unscrutinized. This not-so-silent minority consider themselves passionate supporters of a cause, but their nirvana of tightly tuned, featherweight sports cars generally seems best suited to an alternate reality where Federal safety regulations and market demands do not exist.

Well, purists, this is your lucky day. There exists a car (sort of) that’s tailor made for those who believe windows, roofs, air conditioning, sound systems, and a passenger seat are superfluous. It’s called the BAC Mono, and this single-seat formula racer for the road is nothing short of bonkers…

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Bizarre video of man having sex with fish goes viral


The strange incident (Picture: vidmax) The strange incident (Picture: vidmax)

An explicit video of a man having oral sex with a fish has gone viral.

The bizarre clip, which was shot in Romania, has been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

It shows a man in waist-deep water laughing as he receives a blowjob from a carp – which is being pushed into his genitals by another man.

Stuffed carp is a traditional feast during the Romanian Christmas holidays.

Many people catch their own fish and keep them at home in a bath tub to fatten up for the festive period.

[metro-link url=”” title=”Stray cat sneaks under gourmet fish counter, gorges himself on nearly £1,000 of marine delicacies”]

[metro-link url=”” title=”Man recycles an old TV into a sweet Seinfeld themed fish tank”]

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Aquaman ‘crystal’ allows anyone to breathe underwater without oxygen tank or snorkel

Des scientifiques danois ont créé un cristal qui peut absorber d’énormes quantités d’oxygène et permettre à une personne de respirer sous l’eau sans l’aide de bouteilles d’oxygène ou d’ un autre appareil respiratoire volumineux.
Le professeur Christine McKenzie de l’Université du sud du Danemark a déclaré que cette percée pourrait prévenir le malade qui souffre du cancer du poumon d’avoir à traîner des bouteilles d’oxygène lourds toute la journée.


Looks like she could use a crystal (Picture: Getty Images)

Danish scientists have created a crystal that can absorb huge amounts of oxygen and allow a person to respire underwater unaided by oxygen tanks or other bulky breathing apparatus.

Known as ‘Aquaman crystal’, a bucket of this chemical creation can absorb an entire roomful of oxygen.

Professor Christine McKenzie from the University of Southern Denmark has said that this breakthrough would prevent lung cancer suffers from having to drag heavy oxygen cylinders around all day.

In a statement she said: ‘Divers may one day be able to leave the oxygen tanks at home and instead get oxygen from this material as it “filters” and concentrates oxygen from surrounding air or water.’

At the moment, large-scale production of this crystal is difficult due to its highly complicated chemical formula but hopes are high regarding its potential as an alternative to oxygen tanks.

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Wizy’D , a so talented Singer-SongWriter / Vocalist from Chicago

Because I was charmed by his beautiful voice and his lyrics , I would like to share my passion for this artist from Chicago.
Wizy’D is a Singer-SongWriter / Vocalist from Chicago, IL.
 Now a traveler of the West Coast, residing in Los Angeles. 
Wizy’D explains her music is “Fusion Music”,’ not consisting of one genre or style, but two or more fused’. 
Join her  on this Journey.
For Booking/Inquiries mail to: 


Wizy’D est une chanteuse-compositrice / chanteuse de Chicago. 
Maintenant, elle est une voyageuse de la côte Ouest, résidant à Los Angeles. 
Wizy’D explique sa musique est de la “Fusion Music”, qui n’est pas constituée d’un genre ou d’ un style, mais de deux ou plus fusionné. 
Rejoignez la  sur ce voyage. 

Pour la booker pour un show envoyez un mail à:



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Bolt of lightning strikes metres behind young couple taking holiday selfie

La foudre frappe a quelques mètres derrière un jeune couple en vacances en train de prendre un selfie ( Voir la vidéo )


It appears even God hates selfies.

A young couple captured the moment they were nearly stuck by lightning while trying to take a romantic video shot.

Luis Morales Fukutake uploaded the unbelievable footage that shows a bolt a lightning hitting the ground a few metres behind him and his girlfriend.

The pair were on holiday and enjoying swimming during a storm in Yal-Ku Lagoon near Cancun in Mexico when the force of nature struck.

Luckily neither of them were hurt by the lightning bolt, even if the noise did ruin the moment a bit.

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Want to see what Kanye West looked like before becoming a rap superstar? Then step this way


(clip contains language some viewers may find offensive)

He might be a globally successful rap star now, but even Kanye West had to start somewhere.

And in his case those tentative early steps towards world musical domination included this little-seen performance at New York record store Fat Beats in 1996.

The minute-long clip, which surfaced on YouTube earlier this week, sees a 19-year-old Kanye – pre-Yeezus and any association with the Kardashians showing off his vocal skills on the store’s tiny stage.

And not content with showing his suitability for rap stardom there’s some choice lyrics in there too, including a few random references to Chicago and, weirdly, Alanis Morrisette.

young-kanye Yes, it’s a teenage Kanye West showing off his rapping skills. And not a Kardashian in sight. (Picture: YouTube)

All of which is a far cry from his more recent headline performances and bizarre onstage rants.

Unsurprisingly the video has proven popular, with over…

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