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BAC Mono: A single-seat race car built for the road—and for sports car purists


The most devout performance purists (you know who you are) are never satisfied. They moan about cars being too heavy. They whine about transmissions being too slow. They complain that modern sports cars are tainted by compromises every automaker invariably succumbs to—from electric power steering setups that sap feedback or turbochargers that rob engines of character, this rabid cult leaves no inch unscrutinized. This not-so-silent minority consider themselves passionate supporters of a cause, but their nirvana of tightly tuned, featherweight sports cars generally seems best suited to an alternate reality where Federal safety regulations and market demands do not exist.

Well, purists, this is your lucky day. There exists a car (sort of) that’s tailor made for those who believe windows, roofs, air conditioning, sound systems, and a passenger seat are superfluous. It’s called the BAC Mono, and this single-seat formula racer for the road is nothing short of bonkers…

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